#NYNJVMUG User Conference Recap

melissa • June 05, 2014 • No Comments

I attended the New York/New Jersey VMUG user conference on May 22 in beautiful Jersey City, NJ.  I’m only half

Top 10 Reasons to Compete in Virtual Design Master

melissa • June 03, 2014 • No Comments

Registration to be a contestant for Season 2 of Virtual Design Master closes Friday, June 6. Have you applied yet? 

Achievement Unlocked! vExpert 2014!

melissa • April 02, 2014 • 1 Comment

I’m so proud to announce that I am a 2014 vExpert!  vExpert is one of those things I’ve kind of

Creative Director, Virtual Design Master

melissa • February 14, 2014 • 1 Comment

Shortly after joining NetApp, I started becoming much more active on Twitter, more specifically following people active in the virtualization

Power On

melissa • February 10, 2014 • No Comments

Hello and welcome to vMiss.net, my shiny new home on the

From ESX to ESXi, or Where’s My Service Console?

melissa • November 23, 2013 • No Comments

I still remember my thoughts when we were first told that there would be no more ESX classic, and no