Thinking About VMware vSphere Networking Design Choices

melissa • September 14, 2017 • No Comments

In VMware vSphere, there are an infinite number of ways to accomplish almost anything. Many architects and administrators tend to

My #VMworld 2017 Recap

melissa • September 05, 2017 • No Comments

Did I mention how great the blogger lounge was to hang out in?  It had a great view to the

#VMworld 2017 – VMware Announces Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

melissa • August 29, 2017 • No Comments

At the Tuesday VMworld keynote, VMware announced the launch of Pivotal Contaier Service, also known as PKS.  Let's take a

#VMworld 2017 – VMware Changes the Security Space with AppDefense

melissa • August 28, 2017 • No Comments

As technologists, security is a part of our daily lives.  If it isn't it should be.  After all, just look

#VMworld 2017 – The AWS Era Has Begun with VMware Cloud on AWS

melissa • August 28, 2017 • No Comments

One of the most exciting annoucments at VMworld 2017 on Monday morning was the availability of VMware Cloud on AWS. Each

#VMworld 2017 is Here!

melissa • August 27, 2017 • No Comments

VMworld 2017 is finally here! I arrived yesterday and attended my first VCDX Town Hall meeting, which is something I have