The Wonderful World of Cisco

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Here you will see a big emphasis on end to end Cisco architecture for IT infrastructures.  The best place to start is the Introduction to Cisco UCS Architecture.

You will notice a big focus on Cisco UCS, including Cisco UCS Manager, Cisco UCS Hardware, and the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator. You may see the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator referred to as UCSPE or simply the Cisco UCS Emulator.

The Cisco UCS Platform Emulator is an essential tool which allows you to quickly deploy an emulated version of Cisco UCS Manager to gain hands on experience without impacting a production environment.  Be sure to take a look at the complete guide to Setup and Use of the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator.

Cisco UCS Platform emulator 4.1(2cPE1) UCSPE demo

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 4.1(2cPE1)

Recently, Cisco released version 4.1(2cPE1) of the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator.  Let’s take a closer look at what is in this release, and try something new. All About Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 4.1(2CPE1) This version of the Cisco UCS Platform … Read More

CCNP data center certification guide

The Ultimate CCNP Data Center Guide

In 2019, Cisco announced some changes to their certification program.  Perhaps one of the biggest changes in the certification programs are the removal of prerequisites in many cases, and the simplification of the certification paths themselves.  It can be challenging … Read More