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#vBrownBag at OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2015

This week I’m at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, and I’ve been having a fantastic time.  I’ve been to a ton of great sessions, and am presenting one on Thursday.  I’ve also gotten to meet tons of people from the OpenStack community in person, which is always one of my favorite parts of conferences.

Today I also gave my first #vBrownBag presentation, which was a ton of fun.  The #vBrownBag group is top notch, and I always enjoy being a part of things which are powered by community.

My talk was called So You Want to Convince the Boss to Run OpenStack? Introducing OpenStack to the Enterprise.  I talk about a strategy for getting OpenStack started in your environment, beyond the confines of your laptop or your lab.  I also walk through a scenario in which Alice the Infrastructure Architect introduces OpenStack into her production environment.  Alice did a great job, but I also give some tips for StackBlockers, you know, those people in your organization who may not be too keen on seeing OpenStack implemented.

Below are the video as well as the slide deck.  I hope it can be a good starting point for those out there who want to get their organizations started with running OpenStack in production!