24 x 7 IT Connection – Happy 6th Birthday, OpenStack!
melissa • August 27, 2016 • No Comments

Its hard to believe how fast time files, especially in the technology world.  With development cycles getting shorter and shorter as new methodologies arise, we're seeing

Where Have All the OpenStack Companies Gone?
melissa • June 05, 2015 • No Comments

This was just one day in the life of OpenStack.  Large companies have been on an OpenStack feeding frenzy, with Cisco buying Metacloud and EMC

The Keystone Federation in OpenStack Kilo
melissa • May 29, 2015 • No Comments

The Keystone Federation There’s a number of situations where we may have multiple OpenStack clouds in my enterprise environment.  Perhaps there’s been a recent merger, and

#vBrownBag at OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2015
melissa • May 19, 2015 • No Comments

OpenStack Summit Session Voting Open! Spoiler Alert, Vote For Mine!
melissa • February 16, 2015 • No Comments

Ok, I’m just going to throw it out there.  This post is noting more than shameless self promotion for OpenStack Summit voting. I've teamed up with