Cisco UCS Manager 3.2(1d) Is Now Available

melissa • August 22, 2017 • No Comments

Cisco UCS Manager 3.2(1d) has been released! Personally, I always look forward to new UCS Manager releases, and the new features and functionality they bring. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from Cisco UCS Manager 3.2.

The Biggest Feature

The biggest feature Cisco UCS Manager brings is support for Cisco UCS M5 hardware. You can find out more about Cisco UCS M5 Blade Servers here, or Cisco UCS M5 Rack Servers here. Like many hardware vendors, Cisco tends to release a new software version in order to support new hardware. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more great features in store for us from UCS Manager 3.2

NVMe Features

One of the hottest topics in technology world today is NVMe. Cisco UCS Manager 3.2 supports new NVMe devices for the Cisco UCS M5 servers ranging from 600GB to up to 7.7 TB in size. Additionally, the newest UCS Manager brings support for warm removal of these devices, and the ability to boot from them. Since NVMe is new to the Cisco UCS M5 hardware, it is a great example as to why vendors need to release new software to support new hardware. If there is no NVMe option in the boot order configuration within UCS Manager, you won’t be able to configure your servers to boot, even if the hardware is fully supported.

HTML 5 Support Enhancement Continues

If you’ve spent a great deal of time using the UCS Manager Java KVM, you know what an improvement the HTML 5 KVM was when it joined us in UCS Manager 3.1(3a).  While the Java KVM client worked well, the HTML 5 client brought manageability to the next level.

Now, HTML5 KVM folder mapping is supported. This allows external file access from the HTML5 KVM client, making system updates easier. Cisco has done a great job with the Cisco UCS Manager HTML5 interface in general, so it is always nice to see even more features added to it.

For more information about the newest version of Cisco UCS Manager, Cisco UCS Manager 3.2(d), be sure to check out the release notes.  We can hopefully expect a new version of the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator sometime in the near future to enable the new Cisco UCS M5 hardware, so stay tuned for details.

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