VMware vSphere Licensing can be confusing, but it does not have to be! Be sure to take a look at this collection of articles to get a good understanding of what versions of VMware vSphere are available.

What is VMware vSphere Essentials?
melissa • December 20, 2018 • No Comments

VMware has been the at the forefront of data center virtualization for over 15 years.  What started as a science experiment for many companies has

A Look At VMware vSphere Remote Branch Office Editions
melissa • May 25, 2017 • No Comments

Virtualization has become prevalent in all areas of our infrastructure, from the datacenter, to our remote offices. Virtualizing the ROBO (a common term used for

Comparing vSphere Editions: vSphere Standard and vSphere Enterprise Plus
melissa • March 23, 2017 • No Comments

One of the most important aspects to designing a vSphere environment is choosing what licensing level you are going to be using.  VMware lists the