If you are working on a vSphere networking design, these articles will be helpful!  Learn everything you need to know about VMware NIC teaming right here.

Making vSphere Networking Design Choices – This article reviews a vSphere networking design methodology.

Introduction to NIC Teaming in VMware vSphere 6.5 Networking – This article reviews why we use NIC teaming, and goes in more detail about what the methods are.

The Simple Guide to NIC Teaming in VMware vSphere – This article talks about the simplest NIC teaming methods to implement: Route Based on Originating Virtual Port, Route Based on Physical NIC Load (Load Based Teaming), and Explicit Failover Order

The Advanced Guide to NIC Teaming in VMware vSphere – This article takes a look at the more advanced load balancing options, Route based on IP hash and route based on source MAC hash.

VMware vSphere Networking design choices AMPRS virtual switch

Thinking About VMware vSphere Networking Design Choices

In VMware vSphere, there are an infinite number of ways to accomplish almost anything. Many architects and administrators tend to do things “their” way, from location they install ESXi to, to the way they access a virtual machine in vCenter. … Read More