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Welcome to the collection of articles about VMware Networking!  This is your one stop shop for learning what you need to know about VMware vSphere networking.

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Learn PowerCLI with VMware Networking Examples

All About VMware NIC Teaming

Introduction to VMware Networking Design

Here you can find information about technologies like VMware NSX, vSphere Distributed Switches, and vSphere network configuration with PowerCLI and more.

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VMware’s PowerCLI can come in quite handy in a vSphere environment, especially when you are managing a large number of hosts.  Sure, you can find sample scripts on the Internet to run, but it is also a good idea to at least get a fundamental understanding of how PowerCLI works.  After all, you would not …

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In A Guide to Fumbling Through PowerCLI, we focused on how to get information on a vSphere environment through the VMware vSphere PowerCLI command line interface. Now, since we now have an idea on how to move around our environment with PowerCLI to find out information, us focus on configuring our environment with PowerCLI.  We …

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Something we have talked about before is VMware vSphere NIC teaming. We started out simply, with an introduction, and talked about two of the easiest VMware load balancing algorithms to use: route based on originating virtual port and route based on physical NIC load. Now, I want to take some time to take a look …

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As many of us know, VMware NSX is one of the hottest VMware technologies right now. What some may not know is there is a VCP, or VMware Certified Professional certification that specifically addresses this product. The NSX VCP certification is called the VCP-NV certification, where the NV stands for Network Virtualization.   Are you …

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We have briefly talked about NIC teaming in VMware vSphere before, and why it is such a powerful tool in our vSphere aresenal. If you need a quick refresher, NIC teaming in VMware vSphere is important for both redundancy and load balancing. Now, we are going to simplify NIC teaming to the most basic form …

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