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Cisco IT Blog Awards 2019 Finalist: Best Analysis

I am pleased to announce I am a finalist in the Best Analysis category in the 2019 Cisco IT Blog Awards!

cisco it blog awards

This is the first year I have submitted for the Cisco IT Blog Awards.  I have been a Cisco Champion since 2015, and have spent much of my career working with Cisco Data Center Products.  You can read more about the Cisco IT Blog Awards here.

This year, I decided to apply for the blog awards since I have put a big focus on Cisco UCS Architecture on my blog.

Besides talking about UCS Architecture in general, I’ve done many deep dives on UCS hardware and software components in 2019:

Cisco UCS C4200 and C125 M5 Deep Dive

Cisco UCS VIC 1400 Series Deep Dive

Cisco UCS C480 ML M5 Deep Dive

Cisco UCS 6454 Fabric Interconnect Deep Dive

Cisco UCS C220 Deep Dive

What Is Cisco UCS Manager?

What is Cisco Intersight?

You can find links to these articles, and more about Cisco like the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, Cisco UCS Manager updates and more on the Cisco category of

I’m a huge fan of Cisco UCS and Cisco Data Center products in general.  I spent several years of my career at NetApp designing and validating Cisco FlexPod CVDs and NVAs, and I have noticed a gap in Cisco UCS architectural information around the internet.

My goal over time is to fill that gap.  Stay tuned for more great information about Cisco Data Center coming in 2020, hint, it may have something to do with the revamp of the Cisco Certification Program.

If you have enjoyed my material on Cisco UCS, from architecture to deep dives to the UCS platform emulator, I would really appreciate it if you would take a moment to vote for me in the 2019 Cisco IT Blog Awards for the Best Analysis category.

The Best Analysis Category is the first category in voting, and you can find me listed there as vMiss:

best analysis blogVoting will be open from November 22 to December 13.  Thank you to all my readers for your support!