Announcing VMware vSphere Platinum, the Evolution of vSphere Security

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VMworld is always an exciting time for announcements about new VMware products and services, especially when it comes to the flagship product, VMware vSphere, and the newest iteration of this product, VMware vSphere Platinum is no different.  At VMworld 2017, VMware announced VMware App Defense, completely changing the VMware vSphere security landscape.  That product has come along way in a short year, and this year at VMworld 2018, a brand new vSphere edition has been announced called VMware vSphere Platinum.

What is VMware vSphere Platinum?

VMware vSphere Platinum is VMware’s answer to ever increasing security events in todays IT infrastructure.  Now, more than ever, virtualization is a critical piece of the modern infrastructure, and must be secured as such.  Security is no longer a checkbox IT architects begrudgingly, it is a core component of modern IT infrastructure and application design.  Though the VMware App Defense vCenter Pugin, vSphere teams have an unprecedented look at what is happening in their infrastructure.  In addition, Security teams have their own console for using VMware App Defense, allowing them to keep track of critical applications and their behavior.

A Refresher on VMware App Defense, A Key Part of vSphere Platinum

If you have not had the opportunity to keep track VMware App Defense in the last year since it was announced at VMworld 2017, here is a little refresher.

VMware App Defense focuses on the applications running within a VMware vSphere environment.  It learns an applications known good configuration in a a practice known as whitelisting.  Conversely, many security products work on a concept of blacklisting, which requires threats to be known.  VMware App Defense can recognize a previously unknown threat by realizing that an application is exhibiting abnormal behavior, versus waiting for a database of threats to be updated.  As we have seen, many security products have failed to recognize unknown threats since they lacked definition.  The ability to detect these threats is a key feature of vSphere Platinum.

vSphere Platinum Bridges the Gap

vSphere Platinum bridges the gap between virtualization and security teams, allowing them to work together in harmony.  The vCenter Plugin, which is unique to vSphere Platinum allows vSphere Administrators a view from the console they are already familiar with, and the App Defense interface allows security administrators a view into VMware vSphere without requiring vCenter access.

In some environments, the security team is viewed as the adversary when they should be viewed as a friend.  It is important for teams to work together to ensure an environment is performing at its best and also secure.  By leveraging vSphere Platinum, vSphere administrators and operators are not giving up perceived control.  They are still aware of what is going on in their environment, and seeing information App Defense provides.  This enhances collaboration between vSphere and Security teams.

vSphere Platinum Comes With A Bonus!

Yes, you read that correctly.  vSphere Platinum comes with a bonus, which is credits for VMware Cloud on AWS!  vSphere Platinum comes with $10,000.00 USD of VMware Cloud on AWS credits, and additional information will be provided when the product is GA.

Additional Features of VMware vSphere Platinum

VMware vSphere Platinum adds VMware AppDefense to vSphere Enterprise Plus.  This means organizations seeking to implement vSphere Platinum do not need to trade any VMware vSphere features and functionally for a more secure VMware vSphere environment.  In addition to VM encryption, vSphere Enterprise Plus contains many more powerful features such as:

  • DRS (Dynamic Resource Scheduler)
  • DPM (Dynamic Power Management)
  • Storage DRS
  • Storaige I/O Control
  • Network I/O Control
  • Host Profiles

To read more about the features in different versions of VMware vSphere, be sure to check out this article.

More Information on vSphere Platinum

Since vSphere Platinum has just been announced, more and more details are coming to light.  I will be sure to list the best blog posts and resources right here as they become available.

Stay tuned for more updates as we learn more about VMware vSphere Platinum.

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