Here for VMSA-2019-0008?  Aka Zombieload/RIDL/Fallout?  Read on for some tips to help, don’t worry, VMware has you covered!  Patches were available on day 0!  Start with An Introduction to Security Advisories and Response for VMware vSphere Administrators.

Are you a VMware administrator trying to get a handle on security for your VMware vSphere environment?  Are you a security person trying to get a handle on VMware vSphere?

vmware vSphere Security

Either way you have come to the right place.  Here you will find a collection of articles focused on VMware vSphere Security.

If you are not familiar with VMware vSphere, be sure to check out the articles What is VMware? and Getting Started With VMware vSphere.

Don’t forget, patching is a big part of keeping your environment secure!  Be sure to check out VMware’s patching tool called VMware vSphere Update Manager.

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Updating VMware Tools and VM Hardware Compatibility with vSphere Update Manager 6.7 U1

Updating VMware Tools and VMware virtual hardware (which is also commonly referred to as VM hardware compatibility these days) are very important steps in your vSphere upgrade process.  As of VMware vSphere 6.7 U1, you can now upgrade these both … Read More