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#TopvBlog2015 – Best New Blog!

I am so proud and excited to announce that I’ve won the award for Best New Blog as part of the Top vBlog 2015 run by Eric Siebert over at vSphere-Land.  Eric mentioned on yesterday’s webcast that I’ve also made it somewhere in the top 50 for my first year blogging!

EDIT:  Well, the full results are located here, and I’ve been ranked #30!  Wow!  Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, and everyone who’s out there blogging!  A special thank you to Eric who runs the competition, I’ve read the vLaunchPad for a very long time!

topvblog(Don’t forget to check out the Top 25 vBlog results!)

I can’t even describe what it is like to see my name among all of the other winners.  I’ve followed so many of the top 25 bloggers for years and years, and have been fortunate enough to meet a few of them over the last year.  Beyond just the top 25, there are many I’ve connected with on Twitter over the last year and started following.  The strong blogging community we are a part of is an endless source of information.  There were a couple of reasons I really started blogging over the last year, mainly because it kept me distracted, and I started to become more involved in the virtualization community.

It was something I thought of for years, inspired by many I followed online.  It takes dedication, and yes, practice.  If you aren’t used to writing, think of writing as a muscle.  The more you do it, the easier it gets.  From learning to fight with WordPress if that is your chosen platform, to coming up with new ideas, blogging isn’t the easiest thing.  The best advice I could give to anyone who is hesitating is just go for it!  The only way you’ll find your voice is to start doing it and practice.  You’ll write articles that you think are fantastic, but won’t really catch on.  You’ll write articles that you think aren’t that great, but will turn out to popular.  It is a learning experience, and you’ll be surprised at the evolution as you start reading your earlier entries.

As many of you already know, you can find me on twitter at @vMiss33.  I’m always happy to read blog posts and give feedback, so reach out any time, even if you just need a little boost as you begin or continue your blogging journey, I am happy to help!

Once again, thank you all for the inspiration!