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The #VMwareSummerReading List

Welcome to your #VMwareSummerReading list for 2018!

Want to learn more?  Check out this intro post.  Tag your blogs with #VMwareSummerReading all summer long (June – September), and have them added to this list!  Stop back here to learn something new!

Click here to read your topic of choice, or simply scroll through the list.

The Summer of VMware NSX

VMware NSX is currently dominating #VMwareSummerReading!

NSXpert in 72 hours? VMware NSX Resources by @codybunch
If you are looking for your jumpstart on NSX – this is it.

vShield to NSX Migration by @microlytix
Need to get from vShield to NSX?  Start here.

VMware – História do NSX – Parte 1 by @BlogCiscoRedes (In Portugese / Em Português)
VMware – Componentes do NSX – parte 2 by @BlogCiscoRedes (In Portugueses / Em Português)
VMware – NSX Manager e Controller – parte 3 by @BlogCiscoRedes (In Portugueses / Em Português)
VMware – NSX – Serviço de borda e DLR – Parte 4 @BlogCiscoRedes (In Portugueses / Em Português)
This series is a great introduction to VMware NSX, including a history lesson.

VCAP NV Study Guide – In English by @tarsio
VCAP-NV Study Guide – In Portuguese / Em Português by @tarsio
If you are looking to study for VCAP-NV this summer, here are some great resources in multiple languages.

VCDX-NV Design Scenario: You’re the river and you’re the raft by @do0dzZZ
After learning about NSX, put your design skills to the test.

VMware ECMP NSX Edges Dropping Packets? Check RPF & Firewall by @vExpertConsult

End of General Support for NSX-v 6.2 by @RuneCastBiz
Are you ready for the end of general support for NSX-v 6.2?  This article will help!

Deploying ‘Lab-Friendly’ NSX Controllers by @vGarethLewis
Trying to deploy NSX in your home lab?  Make sure to read this first!

My VCP-NV (2V0-642) Exam Prep by @MattThatITGuy
Getting ready for your VCP-NV?  A great guide to help you study!

VMware vCenter Server  / VCSA

When vSphere PSC HA looks at you with a HAHA by @do0dzZZ
Tips for working with the PSC component of VMware vCenter Server.

Upgrade VMware vCenter Server Appliance from 6.5 to 6.7 by @vGarethLewis
Everything you need to know to update your VCSA from 6.5 to 6.7

vSphere Networking

LACP Configuration in vSphere 6.5 by @jbcompvm
Information on what LACP is, and how to configure LACP within VMware vSphere.

VMkernel: vMotion and Provisioning in dedicated TCP/IP stacks by @DanielBelmonte_
Learn more about TCP/IP stacks in VMware vSphere.

vSphere Network I/O Control: NIC Limit bandwidth by @DanielBelmonte_
Learn more on how to set the network adapter bandwidth limit in vSphere Network I/O Control (NIOC)

VMware vSAN

Using Small Magnetic Disks for vSAN Might Result in VM Failures by @RuneCastBiz
Learn how to fix a common issue encountered when using small drives for capacity with VMware vSAN.

vSphere Data Protection

Veeam – Tape Infrastructure – Media Pool, Media Set e Criação de Job by @wesmrt (In Portugese / Em Português)
Learn more about setting up Veeam for tape.

Veeam – Backup do Veeam Server – Introdução e Configuração by @wesmrt (In Portugese / Em Português)
Introduction and configuring Veeam.

POC: Using an ExaGrid backup appliance together with Veeam by @microlytix
Your guide to setting up Veeam and ExaGrid to protect your VMware vSphere environment.

Ferramentas de Backup Free – Introdução e Veeam Free Edition by @wesmrt (In Portugese / Em Português)
Introduction to the FREE edition of Veeam Backup and Replication!

Architecting a Disaster Recovery Solution for ThinkAgile VX using VMware Cloud on AWS by @bhavin04890
A great overview of protecting your data on ThinkAgile VX.

vSphere Security

The Absolutely Essential Introduction to vSphere Permissions by @vMiss33
Permissions in vSphere are essential, and often misunderstood.

Deep Dive into vSphere VM Encryption by @bhavin04890
Wondering how VM encryption works?  Start here.

Booting ESXi in UEFI mode on Cisco UCS by @ssumichrast
Your compute guide to Secure Boot and ESXi.

How to Get Started With VMware vSphere Security by @vMiss33
A more secure VMware vSphere environment is good for everyone!  Get started on your vSphere security journey here.

VMware vSphere 6.7

An Aggregation of vSphere 6.7 and Other Product Release Blogs by @Networknerd
If you are looking for more information on vSphere 6.7, this is a great starting point!

vSphere 6.7: A to Z about per-VM EVC by @vThinkBeyondVM
per-VM EVC is a new feature in vSphere 6.7, find out more information here.

What’s New in vSphere 6.7 Core Storage by @codyhosterman
A great series on what is new in vSphere 6.7 storage.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Configuring Hybrid Linked Mode between VMConAWS and a multi-site on-premises environment by @_KatkaW_
The first blog post ever by Virtual Design Master winner Kat!  Great walkthrough of VMware Cloud on AWS configuration.

VMware Management

The Power of vRealize Log Insight by @vMiss33
vRealize Log Insight is the best tool you already own and aren’t using.

IPv6 Disabled Causes ESXi 6.5 to Fail with PSOD by @RuneCastBiz
We all hate PSODs, learn more about an issue seen with ESXi 6.5

What Is VMware Tools, and Why Is It Needed? by @vMiss33
We see VMware tools everywhere, but what does it really do?

Amplifying Your vCenter Alarms by @Networknerd_
vCenter Alarms are fantastic feature that are often overlooked.  Learn how to amplify them for your environment.

vCloud Director – Installation Iteration by @do0dzZZ
A must read if you plan on installing vCloud Director!

VMware Certification

VCAP-Design or VCAP-Deploy? Which Exam to Take First by @vMiss33
Trying to decide which VCAP design to take first?  Here are some ideas.

VMware VCAP6.5-DCV Design Exam Experience by @BeVirtualnet
An account of the exam for the VMware VCAP-DCV Design certification test.

Let The VCDX Light Shine Upon You – The Application by @do0dzZZ
Notes on the VCDX process by a newly minted VCDX!

VMworld 2018 Coverage

VMworld 2018 – Segunda-Feira by @wesmrt (In Portugese / Em Português)
VMworld 2018 – Terça-Feira  by @wesmrt (In Portugese / Em Português)
VMworld 2018 – Quarta-Feira by @wesmrt (In Portugese / Em Português)
Great coverage of VMworld 2018!

Guess Who’s Back At VMworld? Microsoft! by @jdooley_clt
A listing of Microsoft activities at VMworld 2018.

VMware vSphere 6.7u1 — What’s New? by @h0bbel
VMware vSAN 6.7u1 — What’s New? by @h0bbel
VMware Cloud on AWS — New Amazon EC2 elastic, bare-metal instance for vSAN by  @h0bbel
Great coverage of some of new new innovations at VMworld 2018!

Announcing VMware vSphere Platinum, the Evolution of vSphere Security by @vMiss33
The First Year of Innovation With VMware Cloud on AWS by @vMiss33
Coverage of two big announcements during VMworld 2018.

My thoughts on VMworld 2018 US: A non-technical perspective by @mrtommyberry
A great perspective on VMworld 2018.

VMworld 2018 Recap by @NetworkBrouhaha
A great recap of VMworld from a CCIE!


VMware – Inscrições abertas vExpert 2018 – Segunda Turma by @BlogCiscoRedes (In Portugueses / Em Português)
Learn more about vExpert here!

It’s happening! vBeer MeetUp NRW scheduled! by @LagnDary
vBeers MeetUp has been scheduled!

Estarei no VMworld 2018 by @BlogCiscoRedes (In Portugueses / Em Português)
Our friend BlogCiscoRedes will be at VMworld 2018 this year, as he has received a blogger pass!  Make sure to say hi and grab one of his great stickers.


Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 152: VMworld 2018 Preview + NetApp HCI Update by @@NFSDudeAbides
All about what NetApp has going on at VMworld 2018.