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Welcome to #VMwareSummerReading!

Remember when you were in school and had the dreaded summer reading assignments?  Or your kids have them now?  I say dreaded because I was never into reading what was assigned (which is now the reason why I always do horribly on any literature based Jeopardy questions), but I still loved to read!  Some of my best memories are plopping myself in a hammock as a child and reading for hours at a time.  My mother, who is the Director of Finance at a library brought up summer reading programs when I was trying to figure out a title for a blog post.

Click here for the #VMwareSummerReading list so far!

This got me thinking, why not put together a summer reading program to learn something new about VMware?  I love to read and learn, as do most of us.

VMware summer reading 2018

Here is what I’m envisioning: when bloggers write about VMware this summer, use the hashtag #VMwareSummerReading, and I will be sure to cultivate it into a running list.  I am still not sure what this list will look like, but I promise it will be easy to use.  It will start as one post, which I will break out into others as needed, or add fancy navigation links to by topic.

The next question you are probably asking is “Why?”.  It is simple, I love to read and write, and I believe writing is often one of the most overlooked skills for many IT oriented people.  It is a skill that will help you each and every day as you build it, even if it is not a technical skill.  This is a great opportunity to work this skill for those of you who want to write a blog, and it is a great opportunity to learn something new for those of you who want to read along.

What do you have to do to be a part of it?  Simply tag your blog post (or video, or anything you create!) on Twitter with the hashtag #VMwareSummerReading and I will do the rest!  You can find the #VMwareSummerReading here!