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#VMworld 2017 – The AWS Era Has Begun with VMware Cloud on AWS

One of the most exciting annoucments at VMworld 2017 on Monday morning was the availability of VMware Cloud on AWS.

So what do I get with VMware Cloud on AWS anyway?

Each host features:

  • 2 CPUs with 36 cores (and hyperthreading)
  • 512 GB of RAM
  • 14 TB of local flash storage
  • Minimum of 4 host deployment

While some may be balking at the four host requirement as the smallest deployment, it makes sense since VMware Cloud on AWS is currently available in only one region on AWS (US West).  By requiring this four host minimum, VMware Cloud on AWS is ensuring early adopters are able to enjoy the availability they currently do on premises and on AWS.


Let’s look at the monthly effective prices for VMware Cloud on AWS per host:

On-Demand $ 6,109.00 Monthly
1 Year Reserved $4,333.00 Monthly (30% savings!)
3 Year Reserved $3,038.00 Monthly (50% savings!)

As you can see, there is significant savings for committing to VMware Cloud on AWS.  Additionally, VMware has created the Hybrid Loyalty Program which an provide up to an additional 25% savings for customers.  You can find out more about VMware Cloud on AWS pricing here.

Remember, VMware Cloud on AWS is your own stop VMware vSphere shop.  When you host your VMware Cloud environment on AWS, you won’t have to worry about things like licensing, hardware failures, or really anything at all.  You’ll be able to quickly deploy you VMware Cloud on AWS environment and begin to manage it with the familiar VMware management tools you are used to.

Stay tuned for more updates as they develop!