Productivity Tools

All About Goals

Over time, I have found things that do and do not work when it comes to goal setting for myself.  Here I share my experiences with the hope I can help others get on the path to meeting their goals.

When it comes to productivity, everyone has some tips and tricks they have developed over time.  Here is a lists of some of the things I have learned along the way, whether it be methods, or the best tools to use.  I hope you find something helpful!

Remember, Your Goals Are Allowed to Evolve
Are you afraid to set a goal because you do not want to get locked into something?  Do not worry, your goals are allowed to evolve.

Make a Plan to Achieve Your Goals
I am a big plan, of, well, planning.  Making a good plan to achieve your goals is key.  Here is how I like to plan things.

Other Productivity Tools I Use

Here are some other productivity tools I use on a daily basis.

Review: Monosnap, The Free Screenshot App
If there is one tool I use every single day it is Monosnap.  Monosnap is a free tool for taking and editing screenshots, for both PC and Mac.  I use it on both and it is the best thing I have found – did I mention it is free?

Tips for Managing Large Microsoft Word Documents
Microsoft Word is inevitable in the business world.  I have written some really, really large Microsoft Word documents, and here are the tips I have come up with for making it manageable.

The VMware Fusion Post
VMware Fusion is a huge tool for any technology professional.  Here are some things I have learned about using it along the way, along with common problems I have encountered and solved.

Review: The Pomodoro Technique for Time Management
Sometimes we need a little push to keep us motivated and productive.  If you are in a slump, give the Pomodoro technique a try.  After all, it is only a 20 minute commitment!

Evernote, My Digital Notebook
Out of all the digital note platforms out there, Evernote is by far my favorite and I use it multiple times a day.  I keep just about everything in Evernote.

How to Write a Blog Post
You know what I use all the above tools for?  Writing blog posts.  If you are new to blogging, be sure to check out this article with some tips and tricks when it comes to writing a blog post.