You Gotta Keep ‘Em Automated!

melissa • November 20, 2014 • 1 Comment

As part of (Mission Control at Is there something you’re doing in your environment on a daily basis?  Maybe multiple

OpenStack Congress, Policy for Your Cloud

melissa • November 19, 2014 • No Comments

When we talk about our next generation data centers, and how we are going to run them, recently,

Upgrading the Docker Ship, New Features on the Horizon

melissa • November 18, 2014 • 1 Comment

Docker is rapidly changing and evolving as it continues to gain traction and popularity in the world of containerized applications.

Puppet, Chef, and Ansible: Open Source Configuration Management Tools

melissa • November 17, 2014 • 1 Comment

A key component of our policy driven data center of the future is configuration management.  With terms like

NetApp VSC, Yeah You Know Me

melissa • November 16, 2014 • 1 Comment

If you’re a NetApp customer, and you’re running a VMware environment, you must be using the Why Do I Even

Open Source Network Function Virtualization, Introducing OPNFV

melissa • November 15, 2014 • 1 Comment

As I mentioned in my article about Open Source Software Defined Networking, many projects are trying to go beyond SDN,