veeam disaster recovery orchestrator v4

Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator V4

Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator v4 (formerly known as Veeam Availability Orchestrator) is now Generally Available!  Walk, don’t run, and grab yourself a 30 day free trial of VDRO v4.  Why You Need Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator  Orchestrator is all about … Read More

The Evolution of the vSphere Client

The VMware vSphere Client is one of the key ways in which you will interact with your VMware vSphere environment.  Like most VMware products, the vSphere Client has evolved over time.  We are going to take a look at the … Read More

vmware ESXi free vSphere hypervisor

Is VMware ESXi Free?

When it comes to VMware vSphere as a whole, VMware ESXi, or the VMware vSphere Hypervisor is a critical component.  Often people ask me “Is ESXi free?”  The answer may surprise you, because it is “Yes!”  Let’s take a closer … Read More

ESX vs ESXi, A VMware History Lesson

If you are talking about a vSphere host, you may see or hear people refer to them as ESXi, or sometimes ESX.  No, someone didn’t just drop the i, there was a previous version of the vSphere Hypervisor called ESX. … Read More