24×7 IT Connection – A Look at vCenter in vSphere 6

Anyone who as been in virutalization for a while knows how far vCenter has come since the Virtual Center 1.0 days.  This week, on 24×7 IT Connection, let’s take a look at some of the vCenter 6 features:

VMware vCenter has long been the brains of any vSphere deployment.  Originally debuting as Virtual Center 1.0 to go along with ESX 2.0, the features and functionality have grown over time.  With the release of vSphere 4, Virtual Center began to be known as vCenter, and it’s version now matched with ESX.  With the release of vSphere 5, we were introduced to the vCenter Server Appliance, a Linux based appliance that is quick and easy to deploy into a VMware vSphere environment.  Now, as vCenter 6.0, vCenter as a whole has evolved to a whole new level.

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