24 x 7 IT Connection – VMworld 2016, Cloudy Forecast

Did you miss VMworld 2016 this year?  Or were you too busy at the poker table bouncing from session to session?  This month on 24 x 7 IT Connection, I’ve got a VMworld recap for you, with bonus information on how you can access all of the sessions right now, whether or not you made it to the event.

VMworld arrived in Las Vegas for the first time in many years this year.  The mood was also visibly shifted, beyond the change in location.  Last year saw the introduction of the DevOps focus in the lounge and a lot more experimentation as VMware looked towards their future in containers, network virtualization, and other layers in the overall IT portfolio.  vCloud Air had been struggling in some ways over recent months, and this event was going to be a state of the union for existing VMware platforms and those that may be new announcements.

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