24 x 7 IT Connection – So, You’re Thinking of Moving to AWS

One technology I’ve been playing with recently, but not really talking about is Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS.  I know for a long time, when I heard Amazon, I thought of books or boxes showing up at my door.  Amazon as a company has also transformed after the last several years.  One of their big investments has been AWS, but where do you start?  More importantly, what are things you need to consider if you’re thinking about moving to AWS?

Chances are you’re reading about AWS every time you take a stroll through your Twitter timeline, whether you like it or not. You would almost think that everyone is finally going to follow the advice of those inside, and give in to the supposedly inevitable decision to move some or all of your infrastructure to the cloud. Now is the time to look at what real reasons may coax you over to the AWS world.

Getting your Start with Winning on AWS

“All your agility is in dev and test. Not in production. Start there first.” is a quote that you will hear often among the sessions delivered by Werner Vogels, the CTO for AWS. That sentiment is echoed throughout the AWS insiders and also among many of their customers. What does that really mean, though?

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