24 x 7 IT Connection – Microsoft and Red Hat, a New Partnership

This week on 24 x 7 IT Connection we discuss the upcoming apocalypse.  Just kidding, or am I?  Microsoft and Red Hat have announced their first every partnership, using the Azure Cloud as a vehicle for cross pollination between the Windows and Linux worlds.  Don’t believe me?

When we hear the word Microsoft, often our first thought is Windows, Microsoft’s flagship product, an operating system for computers whether they be in your home or in you datacenter. Lately, Microsoft has been beginning to step out of their comfort zone. They’ve announced their own Linux derivative for powering their Azure cloud switch, and future support for SSH, something predominantly found in Linux environments. The world has been shifting more towards open source technologies, as we’ve also watched the rise of OpenStack and Docker. Microsoft is not one to be left behind, and has been constantly innovating to meed the demands of the ever shifting world.

Check out the full article on 24 x 7 IT Connection and get your doomsday prepping on!  Or just run Linux in the Microsoft Cloud, your choice!


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