24 x 7 IT Connection – Introduction to AWS Regions

This is an unintentionally timely article.  Last week, on 24 x & IT Connection I talked about AWS Regions and Availability Zones.  Yesterday, February 28, 2017, there was a huge AWS outage, impacting many apps and services.

One of the great things about AWS is that it’s so easy to get started with. So easy, you probably aren’t even thinking about things like what AWS regions your deployment should be based out of, after all the web console makes it frighteningly easy to get your EC2 instances up and running. You may also use other services such as storage, database, or any the many other available offerings inside the AWS console.

Since it is so easy, you’re probably creating all of your AWS resources inside the most common landing spot. That would be the US-East-1 Region.

As we can see, this may have been the case for many services recently, whether it be by choice or by design. While AWS certainly blew their Monthly SLA yesterday, the services may or may not have been within theirs.  When architecting their services, it is up for each company to decide how much downtime is tolerable for their user base.  It may be a little, or it may be a lot.  Just how much disruption is tolerable will be different for every company, based on the services they provide.  Remember, design still matters, even in the cloud.

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