24 x 7 IT Connection – Happy 6th Birthday, OpenStack!

Its hard to believe how fast time files, especially in the technology world.  With development cycles getting shorter and shorter as new methodologies arise, we’re seeing great new features quicker than ever before.  OpenStack has come such a very long way in this time, and we’re already talking about the N-labeled release, Newton which will be coming out this fall.  To find out some highlights of Newton, as well as some highlights from the last Technical Committee Meeting, make sure to head on over to 24 x 7 IT Connection.

Since October is approaching, we also have two big things happening. The OpenStack Newton release will be out on October 10th, which will mark the 14th release of OpenStack. We can look forward to proposed improvements in the networking stack, more around encryption and security across projects including data-at-rest encryption work for Swift, and much more.

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