24 x 7 IT Connection – Getting Started with the Amazon EC2 AMI

Though it is still early in the year, AWS may be one of 2017’s hottest technologies.  This week, on 24×7 IT Connection, we take a look at the Amazon EC2 AMI.

Amazon Web Services is all about making the cloud consumer process as consistent and as simple as possible.  Simple is relative to the consumer, but consistency is key for everyone currently using the service, or looking to adopt it.  One thing we like to do for matching both simple and consistent is to use processes like creating images and templates for virtualized environments.  In the AWS world, these are called AMI, or Amazon Machine Images.

Launching your EC2 instances can be done either through the EC2 launch wizard or with a variety of other tools and technologies.  Let’s take a quick look into the basics of Amazon Web Services AMIs and see just how easy it is to make use of them.

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