24 x 7 IT Connection – Getting Started with Docker Container Platform for Windows 2016

We’ve talked quite a bit about Microsoft entering the Open Source world on 24 x 7 IT Connection.  With the release of Windows 2016, Microsoft is officially aboard the great container ship.  Now that we’re officially supported, we take a look on how to get started with evaluating it for your environment.

The container ship is sailing with everyone on board, including those who are running Windows 2016 in their data centers.  Docker Container Platform for Windows Server 2016officially introduces Docker to the Windows ecosystem.  Docker continues to gain serious momentum among the container ecosystems, and Microsoft is making their direction well known as they prepare us for what’s coming as they look to embrace Docker as a go-to platform both on and off-premises.

Before we think about the big picture view, it’s always good to get things started at the starter level to kick the tires on the technology.  We’ve talked about Boot2Docker in the past, so this is a chance to look at the more up to date method to deploy the Docker installer on Windows, so you can begin to kick the tires and determine the use case for your environment.

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