24 x 7 IT Connection – Amazon EC2 Instances Explained

When you’re getting started with AWS, it’s important to have a good understanding of what solutions and options AWS offers to their customers.

Amazon Web Services added nearly three new services per day in 2016.  The challenge for the many traditional virtualization administrators and operations teams is that we are up against the velocity of AWS when organizations ask about how to get better at the business of IT.

The sheer size of AWS and the breadth of services can seem overwhelming at first, so this is meant to be a simplified and quick guide to the most commonly used service to provide compute power in the AWS cloud.  This is where Elastic Cloud Compute, or EC2 for short.

This week on 24 x 7 IT Connection, we take a look at the options consumers have for EC2 instances.  For more information on what an EC2 instance actually is, and the types available on AWS, take a look at this article on 24 x 7 IT Connection.